Halle Berry Just Turned 50, Here’s How She Stays So Fit

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It’s hard to believe that Halle Berry has spent five decades on this earth, but it is indeed true. And the flawless beauty ushered in the milestone year yesterday with an ah-mazing Instagram photo in which she is sporting a lace coverup that, um, doesn’t cover up much. Her caption: “With open arms I welcome 50…I’m so blessed to be here!”




After we picked our jaws up off the floor (and tossed that doughnut into the trash) we quickly realized that the Oscar-winning actress is not just our 50-year-old #fitgoals, she is our everyday #fitgoals—especially when it comes to that streamlined stomach of hers. Shall we just go ahead and say her abs are on fleek!

To help us mere morals stay on the get-better-with-age path like Berry, we have a killer core exercise from her trainer, Nat Bardonnet, who you may have seen doing high-five planks with the mom of two in an Insta post a few months ago. (Clearly that’s another one of the pair’s favorite middle-whittling moves.)

“Mission: Score Halle Berry’s Core” has officially begun…

The move: The Rocky. “It targets all of your abs—mid, low, and obliques—to lengthen your core, with beautiful definition,” says Bardonnet. Do 3 sets, performing as many reps as possible within a minute, 3 times a week to score a tighter core in about 5 weeks.

Photo: Getty Images

How to do it: Lie faceup on a bench, hands gripping it, with legs together and raised to 90 degrees so feet are toward ceiling. (No bench? Stretch out on the floor, anchoring yourself by holding on to a solid piece of furniture.) Use core strength to lift butt off the bench (A). Slowly lower it down, followed by legs, bringing to about a 30-degree angle (B). Keep lower back pressed firmly into the bench. Raise legs up, returning to start.


Wine and a Workout! Kate Hudson Lifts Rosé Bottles for Fun-ctional Fitness

Wine and a Workout! Kate Hudson Lifts Rosé Bottles for Fun-ctional Fitness

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This article originally appeared on People.com.

Who says wine and workouts don’t mix?

Kate Hudson proved that you can include a little rosé in a workout by using two bottles as weights.

The actress, 38, shared a video of the workout with her trainer, Nicole Stuart (who was busy sipping from her own glass of rosé), on Instagram.

“Sometimes you gotta work for it!” Hudson captioned the post.

And just because the Fabletics founder was using wine bottles as weights doesn’t mean that she was taking it easy. She pumped and squatted away — on one leg at times! — as Stuart looked on.

“Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of rosé —#moderation is the key. Don’t deprive yourself!” Stuart posted on her own Instagram page. “A good reminder not to take things too seriously!”

Of course, Hudson isn’t the first to try a wine bottle workout — health coach April Storey shared a video of at-home exercises you can do with the bottles back in Feb. 2016.

“I came up with the idea on New Year’s Eve after we had bought some wine to go over to our friend’s house. The initial idea of it was that you can use anything in your house to work out, whether it’s soup cans or wine bottles,” Storey told PEOPLE at the time, after her video hit 19 million Facebook views.

“I’m so shocked,” she said of her video’s popularity. “I love fitness and I love making people laugh, so I just shared it as a comical thing.”

10 Stylish White Sneakers That Go With Everything

A new season means it’s time for a fresh new pair of kicks. And what better option to transition to spring in style than some bright white sneakers? Not only are they totally trendy right now, but this neutral footwear also matches (nearly) everything in your wardrobe. Plus, sneakers are the ultimate travel shoe—you can walk around in them all day without having to stop and deal with blisters or sore arches. (These comfortable ballet flats, stylish flats with arch support, and podiatrist-approved comfortable sandals are also great options for spring and summer travel, as well as everyday wear.) So whether you need sneaks to wear to work or to sport post-gym with your mesh-paneled leggings and cool hoodies, we’ve found nine fashionable white sneakers for women that will help you conquer the new season with a little extra pep in your step.

Converse Jack Purcell CP Canvas Low Top ($65; zappos.com)

If you’re looking for that quintessential pair of casual kicks, white Converse will do the trick. These classic sneakers are a super versatile choice—you can wear them on the weekends while running errands or rock them at the office for a cool, business-casual look.

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Sneaker ($55; urbanoutfitters.com)

Take your style game to a whole new level with these killer high-tops. You can rock them with rolled up jeans, shorts, or even a skirt for a truly on-point look.


Keds Champion Original ($40; zappos.com)

Remember these? Keds are making a comeback and we’re definitely not mad about it—we love the versatility of these cute, simple sneaks. Plus, when they get scuffed, you can easily throw them in the wash—a major bonus when it comes to keeping white footwear fresh and clean.


Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker ($75; nordstrom.com)

These Adidas may be an old-school style, but modern-vintage sneakers are coming back in a big way. Plus, wearing them with stylish athleisure gives these sneakers an upgraded, hip look. Let them take you from a Saturday morning workout to brunch and beyond by pairing the sleek shoes with some bright, bold leggings.

New Balance 576 Made in UK Animal ($250; newbalance.com)

Mix up your wardrobe with a little dose of texture. These stylish monochromatic New Balance shoes, featuring an embossed leather upper, can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.


DC Trase Slip-On TX ($45; zappos.com)

Looking for pair of shoes to easily throw on as you rush out the door? These slip-ons make getting dressed in the morning a total breeze. Not to mention, they look white-hot with skinny jeans, capris, shorts, dresses, and more.


Reebok Lifestyle Princess ($40; zappos.com)

This classic aerobics shoe has been updated for 2017 with breathable uppers and a terry lining designed to absorb moisture. They bring a preppy vibe to any active outfit.


Adidas Superstar Sneaker ($80; nordstrom.com)

The Adidas Originals Superstar is still a must-have after 48 years. Pair it with your basic leggings or even with a maxi skirt for a celeb status outfit.

Reebok Classic Leather ($80; macys.com)

A subtle shine makes the Reebok Classic Leather that much more luxe. Padded foam sockliners keeps blisters at bay when you are working the no sock look.

Puma Basket Heart Patent ($85; puma.com)

Oversize laces—a nod to the 80s—give the Puma Basket Heart Patent a retro feel. This style was originally introduced in the 60s as a basketball warm-up shoe, so they’re great for hitting the courts too.

5 Yoga Moves You’re Probably Doing Wrong—and How to Fix Them

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428: That’s how many calories you could burn in one hour of moderate-intensity yoga—that’s about the same as in a light jog. Yoga has other benefits, too, such as fighting off the blues. A new study found that people with depression who took 90-minute yoga and breathing classes two or three times weekly for 12 weeks (as well as practicing at home) reported a decrease in symptoms.

But to maximize yoga’s many benefits, it’s important to perform the basic poses correctly. Here, five poses that many people commonly do incorrectly, plus easy fixes from Kristin McGee, a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City and Health’s contributing yoga editor. Tip: Hold each pose for four to six breaths, making sure to breathe deeply and evenly.

Seated Spinal Twist

Photo: Tom Corbett

Great for: Strengthening obliques, chest, and shoulders; improving spine flexibility.

Do it right: Sit with legs extended. Bend left knee, placing left heel on floor outside right thigh. Bend right knee in front of you. Place right elbow on outside of left thigh and left palm or fingertips on floor. Keeping hips anchored, inhale as you twist torso to the left. Release and switch sides. Avoid leading with head instead of lower torso.

Downward Dog

Photo: Tom Corbett

Great for: Strengthening arms, legs, and core; stretching hamstrings, shoulders, and back.

Do it right: Begin on all fours, palms wider than shoulder-width apart. Press into hands and feet to lift hips, forming an inverted V with body. Continue lifting through tailbone, keeping spine straight and head between arms. If hamstrings are tight, bend knees. Avoid rounding your lower back.

Tree Pose

Photo: Tom Corbett

Great for: Building focus and improving balance.

Do it right: Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms at sides. Place left sole, with toes relaxed, against right inner thigh or calf; turn left knee out to the side. Bring palms together at heart. Release; switch sides.

Bridge Pose

Photo: Tom Corbett

Great for: Strengthening core, glutes, and hamstrings; lengthening spine.

Do it right: Lie faceup with knees bent, heels flat, and arms at sides. Press into feet, lift hips, and roll spine up off floor. Clasp hands together under body and lift chest. Keep feet parallel, rooting down through big toes.

Forward Bend

Photo: Tom Corbett

Great for: Stretching hamstrings and back; helping release stress.

Do it right: Stand with feet about hip-width apart, arms at sides. Hinge forward, bending knees slightly as you lower head toward floor. Think of your body as a crisply folded piece of paper—the fold should come from your hips. Lengthen spine as you come forward, letting head hang down. It’s OK to keep knees slightly bent.


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Why You Should Always Fly With A Tennis Ball

Why You Should Always Fly With A Tennis Ball

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This article originally appeared on TravelAndLeisure.com.

There are all sorts of things you probably should pack in your carry-on (another pair of underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, a book), but there’s one thing you’ll never want to forget: a tennis ball.

Stick with me, here. It’s not so you can spend your flight bouncing your tennis ball against the airplane cabin wall (really, don’t do that). Instead, use it to help out with some mid-flight stretching.

We all know sitting for an extended amount of time wreaks havoc on your health, so it’s no surprise that long-haul flights are not high on the list of healthy activities. Getting up, walking around, and stretching are going to help keep you comfortable and make battling that jet lag just a little easier on the muscles.

Ali Gjoz, a surgeon from the London Orthopaedic Clinic shared a few tips with the Daily Star. “Taking a tennis ball or a massager on the plane will help increase circulation,” he says. Roll it over your shoulders, lower back, legs, and the bottoms of your feet to help get your blood flowing again.

If you just can’t fit that tennis ball in your bag (no shame—craming a week’s worth of outfits into a carry-on is sometimes necessary), Gjoz suggest massaging your legs, starting with the ankles and moving up, to help get the blood moving back toward your heart.

And if you’re worried about what your fellow fliers will say, don’t be. In-flight masking will still grab more stares that stretching and massaging with a tennis ball.