Women In Golf And Women’s Golf Apparel

Women In Golf And Women’s Golf Apparel

There is no denying the fact that golf is one of the most popular sporting activities in the world today. There could be hundreds of small, medium and big tournaments happening around the world even as we read this article. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that around four or five decades back, golf was mostly considered to be the domain of only men. But over the past years and decades, women also have started showing a keen interest in the game and many of them have broken new barriers and frontiers as far as skill sets and performances are concerned. Like all other sports, golf also has some standard protocols as far as dresses and attires are concerned. There are different suggested dress protocols for men and women and in this article, we will be looking at women’s golf apparel. We will try and find out how it has evolved with time and has become more contemporary and modern.


It All Started With Long Dresses


Women perhaps first started playing golf in the early 1950s. During those times, women’s liberation was still in cold storage. This got reflected quite adequately in the way in which women golfers dressed. The dresses were long and rather than focusing on the comfort factor, the emphasis perhaps was to ensure that all parts of the body were covered. The dresses were uncomfortable, and many women golfers had to spend time managing their dresses rather than concentrating on the game.


Times changes, belief systems changed and this also led to changes in the golf dresses that women started to wear in the golf tournaments and also in practice events. Women started wearing golf skirts with their legs exposed till the knees. There were also many instances where they were ready to wear sleeveless. This was a big change where exposing the hands above the elbows was considered indecent in those days. All these did herald major changes as far as the dressing habits were concerned.




The lower extremities of women golfers changed quite a bit as far as the dress methods, styles and other such things were concerned. Gone are the day when women are not allowed bottoms that are above the knee level. Yes, it is a fact that shorts are still not allowed these days but women are allowed to wear something known as skorts. It is a dress that is between shorts and full-sized trousers. Further, the materials that are used for bottoms are also changing quite dramatically. They are at the end of the day designed to be more comfortable rather than anything else.




Sleeveless tops are becoming quite common and the main reason again because of the fact that they are comfortable. Polo shirts are also becoming common and around 20 years back there would have been considered only to be the domain of the men golfers.  The kind of shoes and footwear that they wear, the sunglasses that they use or even the hats and caps that are worn by women golfers are almost the same as that of men. Hence, the line dividing men and women golfers are becoming thinner as far as dresses are concerned.

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