We Can’t Stop Watching This Insane Human-Powered ‘Fitness Machine’ Video

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In an crazy new workout video just released by Red Bull, 14 fitness personalities give a whole new meaning to the post-gym selfie.

The energy drink company tapped a team of elite athletes and coaches to construct a Rube Goldberg-esque “fitness machine.” In the complex, choreographed routine, the super-fit talent use various moves and skills to power the contraption, which through the domino effect, eventually triggers a camera to snap a group photo at the end.

The project was inspired by Red Bull’s “Athlete Machine” video, which went viral a few years ago. The new clip, filmed at Deuce Gym in Los Angeles, took 250 hours to design, and incorporates everything from cycling and weight lifting to rope climbing and hip-hop dancing.

The video’s stars include Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger, Olympic rugby player Carlin Isles, and CrossFit competitor Colleen Fotsch, among others. 

We are seriously impressed!