Tracy Anderson’s 5 Moves to Sculpt a Lean, Sexy Stomach

Tracy Anderson’s 5 Moves to Sculpt a Lean, Sexy Stomach

Ready to get a seriously sculpted midsection? Try these five ab-toning moves from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The fitness guru recommends doing 30 reps of each move on one side, then repeating on the other side. Anderson also suggests 30 to 60 minutes of cardio six times a week.

1. Susu Plank and Low Front Kick

Start in plank with right ankle crossed over left. Bring right knee forward to kneel, and then step left foot forward while bringing left hand to inner thigh. Lift right leg and extend it straight out. Return to the first step and then repeat. To increase the calorie burn, use 1.5- to 2.5-pound ankle weights.

2. Side-Lifted Kick and Single-Leg Plank

Start resting on left hip and forearm with hips stacked and knees bent. Extend right leg forward as you lift hips off ground and raise right arm straight up. Swing right leg back, placing right foot and hand on ground, and then press body up into a single-leg plank, lifting left leg up and out diagonally to the left. Return to the first step and then repeat. Don’t forget to keep abs tight to help with balance.

3. Crossed Lunge and Plank

Start in plank with left leg extended up and diagonally out to the left. Bend left knee and step forward into a lunge as you swing left arm back. Sweep right leg behind left to back left corner and place left hand on left thigh (don’t let knee go over toes). Return to the first step and then repeat.

4. Alternating Pike Hold and Sitting Weighted Punch

Lie faceup with legs extended and a 3-pound weight in each hand, elbows tucked into sides. Lift legs off ground. Press arms overhead as you crunch up to sitting with left leg bent in front of you and right leg bent behind you. Lower back to the first step and then repeat the second, this time with right leg in front and the left leg in back. Continue lowering down and alternating legs.

5. Weighted Toe Reach and Crunching Leg Lift

Holding 3-pound weights, lie faceup with hands extended overhead. Crunch up, lifting arms and legs to meet (lead with your abs, not your neck). Lower back down to the ground and then roll over onto right side, and with weights still in hands, place right forearm and left hand down; step left foot over right. Pushing into left foot, left hand, and right forearm, lift body up. Lower back down, return to first step, and repeat.