This Next-Level Burpee Tones Your Abs and Shoulders Like Crazy

This Next-Level Burpee Tones Your Abs and Shoulders Like Crazy

Looking to take your burpees to the next level? If you’ve mastered this basic go-to fitness move, you have to try this challenging new version demoed by Nike trainers Kirsty Godso and Lauren Williams, AKA the “Pyro Girls,” on Instagram this week.

What makes their burpee upgrade so hot? “It challenges core and shoulder stability and strength differently from a regular burpee,” explains Williams. “You have to balance the explosiveness of the tuck with shoulder stability and core strength so you can do the move with control and grace.”

Up for the challenge? Here’s how to do it: Start with your feet hip-width apart. Then place both hands on ground and jump both feet back, going into a plank. Jump both legs up into the air while bending knees to bring feet toward butt (think donkey kick). Hop legs back out to a plank, and then jump feet in toward your hands. As you stand, explode up, bringing knees into chest. Land softly, and then immediately repeat the entire sequence. If you’re feeling extra cool, grab a buddy and try doing this move in tandem like Godso and Williams.

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Yep, it’s just as intense as you think. (We know, we tried it!) Need a modification? Williams suggests just jumping your feet back up to your hands instead of attempting the full-blown donkey kick.

Now, who’s ready to torch some calories?