The Surprising Fitness Tool That Ashley Graham Uses to Tone Her Thighs

The Surprising Fitness Tool That Ashley Graham Uses to Tone Her Thighs

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One thing we admire about Ashley Graham is her commitment to fitness. The 29-year-old consistently posts her exercise exploits on Instagram—and we are here for all of it. We also love that when she’s getting her sweat on, she doesn’t always use “typical” gym equipment. (Remember that time she was slamming massive tires with sledge hammers?) Her latest get-fit tool of choice: the prowler, which Graham has been spotted using in her Stories.

At first glance, this simple mass of metal, which typically weighs between 60 and 80 pounds before being loaded with weight plates, doesn’t look like much. But don’t be fooled. “It is one of the most effective tools whether you’re training for performance, functional fitness, or fat loss,” explains Frank Baptiste, founder of FranklyFitness in New York City. “Pushing it works the anterior muscles, while pulling it works the posterior ones. No matter what, though, the legs are driving the movement.”

Intimidated? Don’t be. Pushing or pulling weight across the floor can feel pretty empowering. Give her sled power row a try. (Note: Baptiste advises nailing the form and technique for squats, deadlifts, and inverted rows before progressing to this exercise.)

“It’s a total-body combination that works your entire lower body, back, arms and core,” says Baptiste. “It starts with a powerful hip hinge that generates momentum for a forceful horizontal pull, which is great for developing total-body power and power endurance. And its high intensity will send your heart rate through the roof, and ignite your metabolism.”

Another plus: It’s a good move to help combat all that slouching we do at our desks all day.

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How to do it

Holding straps taut, without slack, step back two or three steps so you are pulled into a bent over position with knees bent, a hinge at your hips, and a neutral spine.

Keeping shoulders held tightly down and back, lean back and drive through heels and feet to push the floor away. As hips and knees extend, follow through with a row, holding hands tight and pulling elbows straight behind you; straps and forearms follow the same line. Finish with a tall body position, glutes squeezed, hips tucked in, core braced, shoulders fully abducted and extended, and squeezing shoulder blades. Repeat movement. 

Your space will dictate how long you are working. For example, it takes 45 seconds to complete a 30-yard distance. After completing, rest for 90 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat for 3-5 rounds.

This may be the only time you’ll want to be saddled with dead weight!