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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatic Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatic Pain

The pain caused due to compression on a large nerve extending from the lower back down on the back of each leg is known as sciatica or sciatic pain.

Symptoms of sciatica pain

  • Sciatica pain in the rear or in the leg worsens while sitting
  • It runs down the leg as a tingling or burning sensation
  • It causes difficulty, weakness or numbness in moving the foot or leg
  • One side of the rear pains constantly due to this pain
  • It can be difficult to stand up due to its shooting pain

Effect of sciatica on your body

Normally sciatic affects one side of the lower body only. Usually its pain travels from the lower portion of your back down into the leg passing through the back of the thigh. This pain can also reach the toes and the entire foot. In some cases this pain can be of severe nature whereas in some cases it can be an irritating and irregularly experienced pain but in both the condition it can worsen any tie.

Things that increase sciatica pain

Normally irritation in the roots of lumbosacral spine and lower lumber causes sciatica pain. Other common reasons that cause this pain may include:

  • Abnormal narrowing of spinal canal existing in the lower back
  • Problem of degenerative disc that affects the discs providing cushion to the vertebrae
  • When one vertebra slips over the other one then it is known as spondylolisthesis which in turn can cause sciatica pain
  • Severe strain on the spins during pregnancy can also increase the chances of sciatica pain
  • It can also increase due to inactive lifestyle, excessive weight, high heels, irregular on exercise and sleeping on an extremely soft mattress.

Effect of sciatica pain

The compression on sciatica nerve can cause insomnia as well as paralysis and loss of feeling in group of muscles or one limb.

Importance of diagnosis of Sciatica  

In order to diagnose sciatica a chiropractor reviews the medical history of the patient along with examining him to determine the cause of the pain he is experiencing. According to the principles of chiropractic treatment practices reduced functioning and restricted movement of spinal cord can be the main cause of sciatica. The patient’s body can heal itself with drug free and non-invasive way of chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic treatments used for treating sciatica

OKC Chiropractors normally use following treatments to reduce sciatic pain.

Cold/ice therapy: It helps in reducing inflammation along with controlling pain effectively

Ultrasound: it increases circulation of blood and reduces muscle cramping, spasms, pain, swelling and stiffness as the gentle heat generated by sound waves penetrates deep into the tissues of your lower back.

Spinal manipulations: The main part of the chiropractic care is the adjustments in the spinal cord. These adjustments help in restoring the normal position of the misaligned vertebral bodies in the spine along with getting rid of restricted movement of the spine. The use of the technique of spinal adjustments varies from gentle and minimum force to high velocity thrust depending upon the condition of the patient.

Thus chiropractic care can help in reducing as well as treating sciatic pain effectively through manipulation of spinal cord but it requires precise mastery in this technique.

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