Everything You Need to Know about Lead Removal and Water Filters

Lead is found in our drinking water in abundance and is a serious health threat. The presence of lead in daily drinking water can damage the kidneys and also damage our blood cells. It is nothing but a neurotoxin that can also cause brain and nervous system damage. There are a lot of other impurities present in our water, lead being the most common and major threat.

However, the removal of lead can be done easily by the use of the right Lead filter system, once you get the idea of the source of contamination and the amount of lead present in the water.

The role of water source

The source of your water supply plays a key role in the identification of the presence of lead in it. The more the water stays in the old city pipelines the more lead accumulates in them and the more harmful it becomes. In this case, the only option left for lead removal is the right filtration method at home. On the other hand, if you have the option to change the source of your water supply you can go for it too.

Methods of filtration

There are three methods of filtration

1.Distillation – It is an effective method of lead filtration but uses a lot of time and electricity. It is also an expensive method.

2.Reverse Osmosis – This is the most common and cheap method of filtration. Also used by water filter companies worldwide.

3.Activated Carbon Filtration – In this method, carbon is used to absorb impurities like lead. The filter cartridges are used to filter the impurities and require replacement frequently.

Types of water filters for lead removal

It is very important to find the right water filter as almost every other filter promises to remove lead from water efficiently. Given are the best Lead filters you can use and spend your money wisely.

1.Reverse Osmosis Filters

Also called RO filters they can remove 97% lead from water. One must use filter cartridges in the RO to get 100% pure drinking water.

2.Undercounter Filters

They do not work on reverse osmosis and are capable of 99% filtration of water. They are installed under the sink and also have temperature control to avoid lead accumulation. Their installation is very easy.

3.Showerhead filters

Not only our body, but lead can also damage our hair. It is advisable to install shower filters to protect your hair and scalp from the irreversible damage done by lead and other toxins.

4.Whole house filters

These filters are installed in the main water line of the house. They come with carbon filters. They are one of the most effective water filters and can easily remove lead and iron from the water. Whole-house filters are best to use for commercial usage as well.

5.Faucet Mount Filters

Installed right above the faucets they are capable of removing lead, mercury, and other byproducts and impurities from water. They are easy to connect with. They work without any electricity but the pressure of water. The filter cartridges need timely replacement.


To find out the quality of your water supply and install the right filter you can always take a water test. They are available very easily in the market. You can also contact the water authorities of your state for a proper laboratory test. Also, any NSF-approved filter you install in your house is guaranteed to remove lead from the water. The cost of filter installation is quite affordable unless you opt for whole-house filters. It is very important to consider all the above points before installing any filter at your house. This way you are not only choosing safe drinking water but a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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