Celebrity Fitness Trainer Is Mommy-Shamed for Doing Intense Workout With Baby

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This article originally appeared on People.com.

Celebrity fitness trainer and CoverGirl ambassador Massy Arias has amassed millions of followers on social media with her fun and impressive workout clips. This year, her most popular videos have featured a special guest: her daughter Indira Sarai Williams, who has starred in many of her posts, including ones where she’s dancing. But a recent video caught the attention of critics who feel Arias went too far.

Last weekend, the fitness influencer posted a video that shows her working out with weights and gym machinery —and adding a little extra weight to the routine with her daughter strapped on her back via a baby carrier. “21lb weight vest custom made,” wrote Arias in the caption.

Many of her fans cheered her on as #momgoals with one follower writing: “You’re an amazing mother. You’re teaching your daughter to be comfortable within a lifestyle of health and fitness.” Another added: “I think you are a true inspiration, and a pioneer of the new way to think and act when comes to obstacles and excuses!”

However, others felt that the workout guru was putting her baby in harm’s way. “I think you’re great but I would rethink your daughter on your back. Too much bouncing for her. Her brain is still developing. Also, does not look comfortable for her and might upset her stomach.” Arias quickly fired back: “Appreciate your concerns but I’m her mother and I wouldn’t put her in danger.”

After another person criticized her —writing “I really can’t understand y cant [people] leave their kids safety aside to workout instead of using them as added weights…”— Arias had enough and responded in all caps: “I respect your opinion but with all due respect I don’t appreciate that from the moment I said I was pregnant, and still today, people are suggesting I’m not the type of mother who will not protect her child.”

Following the back-and-forth, fans of the trainer wrote her messages of support telling her to ignore the haters.

Arias is one of several latinas, along with actress Sofia Vergara and singer Becky G, who represent the beauty brand CoverGirl and also is a spokesperson for Target’s activewear line C9.