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All About Online Media Monitoring Tools

Are you looking for the best online media monitoring tools? If so, then you are at the perfect place as here we are mentioning all about it.

We are living in the age of technology, online reputation matters as most of the businesses are operating online. Do you know that around 95% of shoppers prefer to read about the product on the internet before making a purchase? You might be aware of that because we all believe that proper research is important even when you are making a purchase of $10 or $1000.

And this is where media monitoring tools come into the picture. For PR professionals and businesses, a media monitoring tool is essential for gaining critical insight into people’s opinions of brands, marketing efforts, goods, solutions, and even rivals.

What is Media Monitoring?

Now if you are not familiar with the term let us explain you in layman’s terms. The technique of analyzing public material on printed or online services for keywords on a certain topic is known as media monitoring. Gone were the days when people preferred to do manual searches that consume time, now more than anything businesses rely on tools that can help them take their business to new heights.

Machine learning techniques are used by media monitoring systems to continually scan and analyze sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and others. After the program has indexed all of the greatest media sites, it may search them for mentions, consumer comments, particular items, companies, persons, and other information. It also helps with a social listing.

Best Media Monitoring Tools

Now without wasting any more time, let’s put a light on the best media monitoring tools available in the market.

1. Google Alerts – Google Alerts allows you to track mentions of your organization, rivals, or other important subjects throughout the internet. Simply log into your Google account, go to the Google Alert page, and search for a keyword or term. The best part of using this tool is it is free of cost. Every time Google discovers results that match your search criteria, you’ll receive an email. You may create alerts for certain languages and areas.

2. Ahrefs – The next tool on our list is Ahrefs. This program will maintain track of your site’s vital SEO data, keep a watch on your rivals, and track brand mentions. It monitors online mentions, but it goes above Google Alerts by informing you of fresh and missing backlinks, as well as keyword ranks. The tool is useful when you wish to improve your SEO strategy. It has various plans starting from $99. Choose the one which goes best with your needs.

3. Critical Mention – Further we have Critical Mention, one of the best media monitoring tools. It manages your visual content and shows you the worth of the coverage you’re getting, giving your business possibilities to develop. The program is so quick, you get actual alerts and may personalize and share your findings right away. The best part is a plan can be tailored according to your need.

4. HootSuite – Lastly we have HootSuite where you can create customized streams in Hootsuite to view the specific subjects, trends, and social media accounts you’re interested in. Also, you can use the program to gain real-time audience data and interact with incoming communications. Hootsuite connects with over 20 social media platforms and over 100 apps, including Spotify, Adobe, and much more. The plan starts from $19.

The Bottom Line

This brings us to the conclusion of our blog where we mentioned all about the online media monitoring tools. It doesn’t matter whether you own a big business or small one, the media monitoring tools are a necessity for business as it helps in business growth.

So don’t dwell in confusion anymore? Try it out and see the results.

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