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It is very sad to know that every year close to twenty thousand people in the age group of 1 year to 74 years are diagnosed with the life-endangering illness of some form of cancer in the United States of America. The treatment of this is through stem cell transplant from an immediate relative or maybe an unmatched donor, and that is the best-case scenario.

The reality is of all the people diagnosed with this problem, only 30 percent of the patients manage to get a match and have the probability of the donation being done. The rest of the 70 percent wait for someone to match and donate their healthy stems. That is the reality of their dependency.

Here are a few things you would want to know if you choose to become a stem donor.

Reason to be a Donor

Blood cancer has a possible cure by transplanting stem cells of the blood that is extracted from the bone marrow or the umbilical cord if a matching donor is found. Remember you have the potential to give someone a second chance to live their life and that is more than enough a great reason. You becoming a stem donor is a very simple process and many have already registered for it.

Become a Stem Donor

There are more than a few criteria that may influence your eligibility to become a potential donor.

  • Age: this is based on the local regulations and policies of your state Check for the states registry process to see if know the ways you can become a donor.
  • Health: if you are diagnosed with any of the chronic diseases as well as blood disorders, you will not qualify to become a donor. To determine if you are a fit donor, you will have to fill up a questionnaire that is about your health.
  • Weight: most places have weight criteria. In general, the BMI of a person should not be more than 40kg/m2, those cases are considered to be a healthy donor.

The Process to Become a Donor

You will be provided with medical guidelines that you would need to follow to become a healthy potential donor, the health of your bone marrow as well as the stem cells are important for the transplant patient. Here is what you need to know.

People who have previously been in cancer and have are survivors now, want to become donors and join through the volunteer registration process. You can also do the same or you can contact the NMDP which is now better known as “Be the Match” and you can find yourself the nearest donor center. You also have the option to register online, national marrow donor programs are going on so you can always search the web.

You will need to go through a very simple blood test, and they will learn about your HLA type. They may charge you a fee of $75 or $100 for the test; this is one-time and is also tax-deductible. These records are kept until you turn sixty.

Finally remember, giving someone a new life is a divine act, so don’t hold yourself back. Go for it!

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