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Pilates Reformer Added To Our New Jersey Location

Pilates Reformer Added To Our New Jersey Location

We Added A Pilates Reformer To Our New Jersey Location

kearny new jersey pilatesSuper exciting news for all you Fitness buffs working out and doing Pilates at our New Jersey location!! We just added another Pilates reformer in our Yoga/Pilates room. We were able to pick one up used on the New Jersey Craigslist. Our team of instructors were able to go pick it up in Kearney, New Jersey. The issue they faced was that it was too large to fit into the pickup truck of the lead instructor so they had to rent a moving truck to get the Reformer moved from Kearny to Jersey City. After calling around to the local New Jersey U-Haul we soon found that due to the summer months, many of the college students were moving back home and the trucks were all rented. We reached out to a local moving company in Kearny to see if we could rent a truck, but they didn’t have any available. However, they were wrapping up a long distance move and offered to swing by and pick it up for us for a small fee. What an awesome surprise!!! Thanks to the guys at https://www.bluebellrelocation.com/  for coming through in the clutch and getting our Pilates Reformer delivered to our Pilates studio in one piece.

New Pilates Schedule

Now that we have added an extra Reformer machine we have added an extra class to the weekly schedule. We can now take double the amount of people in our New Jersey location than we could before. We will be adding new Pilates instructors, and training new staff to teach our basic classes. The new schedule will be posted on our location website in August as we get staff trained and management in place to take on the new classes.

Shipping More Equipment In From Our Miami Location

Come December our lease will be up and we will either be moving next door or expanding Pilates Studio In NJour existing space if the tenants next door don’t renew their lease. If we are able to expand after the Holidays to a larger building we will be closing down our Miami location and moving everything north to our New Jersey location to expand. Pilates is becoming more and more popular thanks to Joseph Pilates and his work in developing the system we use today. Growing our New Jersey location will become our focal point in 2018. Moving our Florida location from Miami to New Jersey will be a major step forward in making that dream a reality.

Adding Anti-Gravity Yoga Class in 2018

Last but not least, we will be adding an anti-gravity Yoga class in 2018. See the video below from nj.com to get a sneak preview of what it looks like.